Repair Services

Repair Services for Reefers, Trucks, and Coaches at Rochelle RTC

2018 Current Labor Rate Schedule

RTC Shop Labor: $95.00 (1/2 hour minimum)


Air Conditioning: Riding without AC can make your long haul seem even longer. A properly working AC helps keep you comfortable and cool until you reach your destination. RTC will inspect all aspects of your AC system to assess the most cost-effective way to get you back on your way in a timely manner.

Battery & Electrical: Having a strong, functional battery is vital to the success of your hauls. A healthy battery ensures all other electrical systems in the vehicle function properly – such as the ignition and fuel system, and pretty much every other component during startup. RTC offers a variety of services in regards to your battery, from diagnostic, to terminal cleaning, to cable end replacement, to full-on replacement – RTC is the go-to for your battery service.

Oil Changes: Sometimes you just need to get back on the road, and RTC understands that. That’s why we offer fast, cost-effective oil changes. If you’re in need of a more thorough inspection of your vehicle, we can check your coolant hoses, belts, steering fluid, tires, gearboxes, and more. RTC wants you to leave knowing that you’ll get to your destination without any problems.

Clutches and Transmissions: RTC happily services and repairs all heavy-duty transmissions for your Reefer, Truck, or Coach. If you’re having shifting issues, we can diagnose exactly what the issue and repair it promptly. We can even clean, repair, and re-assemble your transmission. If your transmission has been giving you troubles time and time again, RTC can replace your transmission as well.

Alternators and Starters: RTC’s experienced mechanics can get you back on the road fast with a new alternator or starter. Regardless of the make or model of your truck, we have the electrical components you need to repair, rebuild, or replace your systems!

Additional Repairs and Services for Semis and Straight Trucks, not limited to:

• Air Compressors, Air Dryers
• Air and Hydraulic Brake Systems
• Radiators and Coolant System Leaks
• Lighting and Mirrors
• Computer Diagnostics
• Mudflaps, Qtr Fenders
• Wheels, seals, bearings, hubs

• Drive-shafts, U-Joints, Rears
• Suspensions, Shocks, Springs, Kingpins, Spindles
• Cab and Chassis Issues, Fifth Wheels, Hitches
• Trailer Tandems, Sliders, Door Hinges
• Sublet Services:
• Towing, Washouts, Windows, and Windshields

RTC Reefer Rate: $99.50 (1/2 hour minimum)